Administrator Kreil

A reptoid lass with a quick wit, a silver tongue, and functioning alcoholism.


The firstborn daughter of a trade post administrator on a back alley world, Kreil was taught from birth how to maintain a profitable status of her father’s post. Her responsibilities included inventory control, book-keeping, and negotiating barters. When the Alexandrian Galactic Empire found themselves in a neighboring system, she was able to use her shape-changing and convince the Alexandrian commander that it would be a waste of resources to conquer the system and maintain a garrison there.

After that, she became the liaison between the AGE and the post and was able to keep a consistent series of tithes to the Empire in order to keep a mutually beneficial relationship. This success didn’t escape the ears of her father or a local Lashunta merchant. Her father had a goal to set up a trade route with the merchant by way of offering Kreil by way of an arranged marriage. This didn’t sit well with Kreil. She was able to get out of the marriage by simply slacking off in her tithes to the AGE and when they invaded, she escaped in the chaos. She has had no communication with her father since.

Only a month or so later, she found herself on another backwater planet’s bar enjoying a drink when a series of catastrophic events led her to leading a small colony on an unknown world.

Administrator Kreil

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