New frontiers

Administrator's Log I


Incidents have led me into the position where I am administrating a colony of survivors after the explosion of the world that I was at that point calling home. When deciding a place to settle, we chose a location with natural defenses and a sustainable amount of resources. I also have the service of a number of (what appear to be) skilled personnel. Benjamin is a quiet individual yet he has proven to be adept at combat situations. Klak is a gifted engineer whose humor keeps us all in good spirits. Speaking to him can be complicated, as his bodyguard Krakk is very protective of him and requests/demands permission before a conversation or close proximity can be accomplished. Tynker is another gifted mechanic in our midst (which is a blessing as our infrastructure includes an old store-house and a few ships who have seen better days.

Mara was a bartender when we found her and she has proven herself quite capable in the role of science officer. We have picked up a Content Not Found: null of mercenaries and hopefully they will be capable of keeping the peace. The most strange individual in our group at the moment is a space goblin by the name of “Mumblz” who only appears to find good company in a collection of “Rokkz” he keeps in a bag tied around his neck. I was unaware that goblins could even speak let alone have such bizarre cultural pillars to their faith.

We have a labor force of about 70 other refugees who have yet to show me their individual talents. When we began construction of our colony, the others on my panel of experts deemed it vital to build a Clinic to care for all who have aided us on this undertaking. While their compassion is admirable, I believe that financial sustainability is key to success here. Klak and Krakk often voice their views on prioritizing defense, and yet we have seen no opposition here yet besides some stone robots from as of now unknown natives.

I shall keep use of this log to maintain the course of action I intend to take as well as use it as a useful tool to see mistakes that I and the others made.



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